Private Jets Trips to Cuba Now Available

From the front page of the Victor website.
From the front page of the Victor website.

HAVANA TIMES — Private jet charter service from 19 United States cities to Cuba begins operations today. Victor, a British based company, will offer direct flights from Chicago, Los Angeles, New York and other cities, reported the New York Times on Monday.

“In accordance with federal guidelines, the carrier has partnered with the tour operator Cuba Educational Travel, which will develop custom itineraries on the island for individuals, families or small groups. It promises exclusive experiences such as rum tastings with a master distiller, intimate concerts with the musicians of the Buena Vista Social Club, and private dinners with prominent Cubans.

“Victor fliers can choose from a range of private jets and begin to build their itinerary with the company’s app. Prices for a group of eight travelers flying to Havana for a four-night program begin at US $40,000,” notes the NYT.

2 thoughts on “Private Jets Trips to Cuba Now Available

  • So this is what all that anti-capitalist blather the Castros have been muttering for 56 years is about? Return Cuba to becoming a haven for high-rollers. Luxury yacht marinas and golf courses and now this, private jets?

  • It sure is a lot cheaper to go to Cuba from Canada – My family and I will be in Varadero at the end of this month.

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