Prominent Cuban-American Businessman to Speak in Havana

Dmitri Prieto

Cuban-American businessman Carlos Saladrigas. Photo:

HAVANA TIMES, March 24 – Carlos Saladrigas, a Cuban-American  businessman and politician, will lecture in Havana this coming Friday March 30 at the Centro Cultural Padre Felix Varela, attached to the local Roman Catholic archdiocese, according to an announcement released by the Espacio Laical magazine staff.

The talk will focus on “Attitudes and policies we have to take on to achieve the inclusion of the Cuban diaspora in the social activity of the island.”

Saladrigas, considered one of the most solvent of the Cuban exiles, favors dialogue between expatriates and the Cuban government.

The businessman  steadfastly opposed participation of Cubans residing in the U.S. in the celebrations celebrated in Cuba by Pope John Paul II back in 1998, noted Roman Catholic sources,

Later, he completely changed his attitude, and will now arrive in Havana coinciding with the visit of Pope Benedict XVI (March 26-28)

Saladrigas’ lecture will be open to the public and begin at 3:30 pm.


3 thoughts on “Prominent Cuban-American Businessman to Speak in Havana

  • I do not know why this guy can go to Cuba and talk about the relations between Cuba and USA, is really something very difficult to understand, base on the personal history of this person and his family in the Island. Those with more than 60 years in their backs, knows who was Saladrigas in the national political arena, before 1959, he was not differente to others politicians, corrupted, manipulative, cinical and many other thing, just put it in this way a traditional camajan with money.

    This specimen, that comes from the USA, is a traidtional politician, opportunist and hunger for business in Cuba, thinking that in this way he will be able, in the long run, to get back for him and his family what they lost after 1959, but do not forget that all they had before 1959, was stolen in one way or another to the Cuban people, something that he or many as he can not deny, because is writting in blood and suffering ot the Cuban people during 200 years of strugle against the Spanish colonialism and the USA governments.

    Many of this specimens thinks that the opening with the Catholic Church and changes in the economic and social areas, is the begining of the end for socialism in Cuba , WRONG, yes is the begining of the end of the American Colonialism and crimes against the Island, that is the big different in vision and approching.

    Let them to think in that way, because they are going to suffer a great dissapointment in their political and economical aspirations.

  • The Washington State Department says it has rejected applications from two senior Cuban diplomats to travel to New York to take part in a panel discussion sponsored by a Marxist group (the Sacromento Bee, 25/03/02)

    So this Cuban-American is free to address ordinary Cubans in an open meeting, but Cuban communists cannot address American citizens!

    which country is free?

  • How unfortunate that these policy makers are the ones who decide for all, after a complete about face on the issues he is now allowed to travel freely and with impunity while being instrumental in stopping others from enjoying those same freedoms.

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