Protest in Havana and Visual Artist Tania Bruguera Kidnapped

By Lynn Cruz

HAVANA TIMES – Today, Tuesday June 30 at 6:10 am, Cuban visual artist Tania Bruguera was kidnapped from the basement of her building located in the capital’s El Vedado neighborhood. She was trying to get to the protest for the death of Hansel Hernández in front of the Yara cinema, the artist’s sister Deborah Bruguera denounced on her Facebook wall. At the time of publishing, Bruguera is still missing.

The cessation of police violence, arbitrary arrests, as well as the release of all political prisoners, are the main demands that motivated the protest called for 11:00 AM.

The Yara Cinema was the place chosen by a group of activists and artists to demand a convincing answer regarding the crime committed against Hansel Hernández, a young man who was the victim of police violence that has been increasing during the Covid-19 quarantine.

From her Facebook wall, an aunt of Hansel wrote last week: “I feel deep pain for the murder of my nephew Hansel Ernesto Hernández Galiano committed yesterday morning [June 24] in, Guanabacoa (in eastern Havana) by two patrolmen.”

Screenshot of Tania Bruguera from June 29, 2020.

She added: “We, the relatives, ask for that this cruel act, at the hands of our supposed national security, does not go unpunished. Because a policeman’s uniform does not give them the right to murder anyone in such a way.”

Meanwhile, the kidnapping and whereabouts of Tania Bruguera remain unknown.

Bruguera has denounced through her work Untitled 2000, which was exhibited in 2018 at the Museum of Modern Art in New York, the darkness suffered by the country’s political prisoners as the government doesn’t recognize their existence.

In addition to her struggle for artist’s rights, Bruguera, from the professional Facebook page of the Hannah Arendt Institute of Artivism, which she directs in Havana, announced her support for today’s protest.

The Ministry of Interior’s version of the events in the death of Hansel Hernandez leaves more doubts than certainties. But what the government’s Cubadebate website did make clear was the determination to hold the victim responsible, without a thorough investigation of what happened, without disclosing the names of the two policemen and having cremated Hernandez’s body.

7 thoughts on “Protest in Havana and Visual Artist Tania Bruguera Kidnapped

  • The Castro dictatorship has been chomping at the bit for the right opportunity to silence Tania Bruguera. As Carlyle writes, she has been a pebble in the regime’s show for many years. It would appear that they believe that moment has arrived….

  • Manuel E Gutierrez may care to notify, when the MININT goons are called to account and when it is possible for Black Lives Matter to demonstrate in the streets of Cuba.

  • No outrage for these things happening in Cuba worldwide.
    But a big problem if it happens in the US or any western country really.

  • The Floyd case in The US has acquired world wide attention.

  • Curt because that is her country and she have the right to live in it If Cuba is a great paradise what don’t you leave the comfort and freedom of NYC, Paris,Londo, Montreal and move to Havana ? I mentioned those places because I know you do not live in Pyongyang. You are such fanatic to the Cuban dictatorship. That is what the Cuban’s Regime has done for over 60 years terrorized the opposition made their life in prison with the only choice of exile. Bravo for Tania and everyone that returned to become the pebble in the shoes of the dictatorship.

  • Curt why does it make you wonder? Are you implying that things can’t be bad in Cuba? Or that it is inconceivable that someone feels so passionately about improving things in their home that they would never turn their back on the ‘better’ option? America is a car crash right now and getting worse. I’d leave it. Oh wait, I did…

  • If things in Cuba are so bad, why did Tania leave the U.S and come back. Makes you wonder.

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