Protestant Pastor Gets 12 Years for Opposing Ortega

By 100% Noticias

HAVANA TIMES – Political prisoner Wilber Alberto Perez was sentenced to 12 years in prison a hefty fine despite the countless irregularities that occurred during the process, according to defense lawyer Julio Montenegro.

According to Montenegro, Perez has been a pastor for twelve years in Masaya and is a relative of also political prisoner John Christopher Cerna Zuniga. In the context of Christmas 2020, he went around promoting the “Christmas without political prisoners” campaign. He was kidnapped by police officers on December 15th, at three in the afternoon, in the vicinity of Managua’s boardwalk.

Among the irregularities mentioned by the defense lawyer is that “in the accusation it appears that he was sitting suspiciously on a sidewalk where a lot of people go by. This time, in the indictment, they did put the same place where he was arrested.

He was there but relaxing with his partner. However, later it appears (in the indictment) that he was there alone and that he was selling drugs. Can you imagine that someone will go to sell drugs where there are a lot of police?” Montenegro asked.

On Thursday morning, a letter written by Wilber from the “La Modelo” prison was released. He expresses the anguish he is experiencing due to the unjust confinement by the Ortega dictatorship.

According to the letter, the political prisoner regrets being in jail for demanding justice, freedom, and democracy. However, he said he will not give up doing so.

“Instead of intimidating me, being here in jail gives me more courage and strength to continue fighting for my Nicaragua and for all my Nicaraguan compatriots. Any sacrifice is insignificant to see Nicaragua free,” states the letter.

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