Protesters Decry Trump’s “Remain in Mexico”

Policy for Asylum Seekers

By Democracy Now

HAVANA TIMES – In Mexico, protesters marched near the U.S. border in Tijuana Wednesday demanding the Trump administration end its “Remain in Mexico” policy for people seeking asylum in the United States. Immigration activist Paulina Olvera says the policy has been especially cruel for asylum seekers during the pandemic.

Paulina Olvera: “Because many of them have spent months here, some even a year waiting, and since the pandemic, the border has been closed completely to asylum seekers, and they’re in legal limbo. They don’t know when they’re going to have their next hearing. They have no protection from Mexico and the United States. And I believe many of them are struggling even to just eat. It affects everything, including mental health.”

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2 thoughts on “Protesters Decry Trump’s “Remain in Mexico”

  • And you wonder why the world HATES the u.s. (they do not warrant capitol letters). As a Canadian who played a lot of hockey in the northern states of the u.s., I can honestly say I will never again visit that racist country, and continue to hold out hope our friends in Cuba (have been there 21 times in 6 years), will one day have better and easier lives in their homeland.
    I have never met people as nice and who are willing to help, as those people we have met in Cuba and consider friends.
    To hell with drump and his devil spawn. I look forward to PRESIDENT BIDEN opening dialogue once again with the Cuban leadership. Canada supports PRESIDENT BIDEN, and loves the Cuban people.

  • At least the government of Mexico will not tear children away from their parents to cage them and create orphans. good advice to any would be immigrants with children, would be to remain in Mexico until the Trump administration and its inhumane practice have gone.

    Americans can properly hang their heads in shame for allowing such a policy to be implemented. 545 children made into orphans by their elected President. Where has humanity gone?

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