Puerto Rico Wants Cuba at C.A. Games

HAVANA TIMES, July 1 – A Puerto Rican delegation headed by Israel Roldan, representative of the Organizing Committee of the Mayagüez 2010 Central American and Caribbean Games, will travel this week to Cuba to meet with the island’s sports authorities to negotiate the island’s participation in the regional games.

The government of San Juan is interested in the attendance of the Cuban athletes, which, it considers, would be a sign of the improvement in relations with the United States, reported IPS.

For Cuba to take part in the Games, the US government, which controls Puerto Rico as its colony, would have to authorize visas for the Cuban athletes, coaches and trainers and guarantee their safety.

2 thoughts on “Puerto Rico Wants Cuba at C.A. Games

  • Jeffrey, you need to get the facts straight. In 1952, Puerto Rico was told the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico (Estado Libre Asociado de Puerto Rico) was a compact between the peoples of the 2 countries. The US came up with this because the UN was calling PR as one of the colonies left in the world. The US even had given us US citizenship in 1917, so that we could bleed for “our country”.
    However, two or three years ago, the US Supreme Court stated that PR was an unincorporated territory under the government of the US Congress and our American citizenship a “gift of Congress” and as such, one that could be taken away at any time.
    Puerto Rico is nothing burt a colony! The US controls the island’s government and the US Federal Court is now in the business of deciding who will be the island’s governor. They filed a case against the former governor just before the elections, so that he would be defeated by the party that calls for statehood for the island. Does that look like freedom?

  • Puerto Rico is not controlled, or a U.S colony. Get your facts straight. Puerto Rico is a self governing Common Wealth who voluntarily associates itself with the United States of America. A little research on the Commonwealth status of Puerto Rico will suffice.

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