Putin Denies Russia to Reopen Spy Base in Cuba

Vladimir Putin.  Foto: RT Noticias
Vladimir Putin. Foto: RT Noticias

HAVANA TIMES — Russian President Vladimir Putin, has denied widespread reports that Russia and Cuba have agreed to reopen the Lourdes spying center dating back to the Soviet period, which was closed in 2001, reports Moscow’s RT news on Wednesday.

In a press conference held at the end of the BRICS summit in Brazil, Putin stressed that the issue of reopening the radio-electronic intelligence military base in Cuba has not been addressed.

Putin maintained that the base is no longer necessary for its intelligence gathering operations: “Russia is able to solve the tasks of its defense capability without renewing the Loudres center in Cuba,” notes RT.

The Cuban government and controlled press has not mentioned a word about any agreement on the Lourdes base or any new agreement regarding it.

The base was closed in 2001, when Moscow cut its military intelligence budget and to satisfy the request of the United States. For several decades this center, installed by the USSR in 1967 and located only 250 miles from the US coast, allowed the USSR and later Russia to intercept radio and telephone communications, and collect intelligence from what was considered its ‘potential enemy’.

The Lourdes base, notes RT, was the most powerful radio-electronic intelligence center of the USSR outside its national territory.


6 thoughts on “Putin Denies Russia to Reopen Spy Base in Cuba

  • It seems to me that Cuba’s alliances with the Russians are similar to those when it was the Soviets : that it is out of necessity and decidedly not out of political, social or economic system similarities .
    If not the Russians , then who ?
    Yes the Cubans can be said to be used , exploited for Russia’s propaganda purposes but the bad press generated by this new closeness is nothing more than a few more things the U.S. will need and want to exploit in its war on the revolution.
    Of course , the corporate media does not want anyone helping Cuba so al, you will hear is about how big a threat the combined Russian-Cuban is to U.S. interests.
    You know …….how everyone in the world is a threat to the USA .
    On this I would invite everyone to Google up:
    ” Uncle Sam : Top Menace to Peace on/and Earth” : Paul Street
    This excellent article shows you what YOUR news sources refused to tell you.
    Do you still think the U.S. is about doing good in the world ?
    Really ?
    Google up the story and see if you’re right or wrong.
    AND…. come back and tell me , won’t you ?

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