Many elderly Cubans depend on the rationed food items. Photo: Juan Suarez.

HAVANA TIMES —Here is the list of the products available to Havana residents with their ration book during the week of January 13-19.

Chicken: (one pound for consumers over 14 and also for those persons under doctor’s prescription). Distribution concludes in the municipality of Playa, and begins in Cerro.

Ground Beef: (one pound for children between 0 and 13 years). Distribution concludes in Arroyo Naranjo and continues in Diez de Octubre, Cotorro, Habana Vieja and Guanabacoa.

Mortadela: (a half pound for all consumers). Distribution concludes in Boyeros, Centro Habana and La Lisa. Distribution continues in La Habana del Este, and Regla and begins in Plaza.

Eggs: (5 per consumer and for those under doctor´s prescription). Distribution ends in Diez de Octubre and beings in Boyeros and Playa.

Chicken for Fish: (11 ounces per consumer).  Likewise, 6 lbs. of frozen fish with heads and tail for those with medical prescriptions. Distribution concludes in La Habana Vieja, San Miguel and continues in Centro Habana, Arroyo Naranjo and Cotorro.

Additional eggs at the “liberated” price of 1.10 pesos are available at the network of state mini-markets and butchers.

The sale of wheat flour continues at the mini-market network.  Personal hygiene products are for sale at the neighborhood “bodega”, supermarkets and other selected sales points.

Non-rationed matches and plastic bags are for sale for 1.00 peso.
Source: the Havana Provincial Marketing Enterprise

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