Rations for Havana Residents April 7-13

A “Bodega” store in Havana where residents can purchase their rationed basic products. Photo: Juan Suarez

HAVANA TIMES – We present the list of rationed protein products that Havana residents can purchase with their ration booklets at their neighborhood bodega stores during the week of April 7-13. The portions are distributed monthly on a rotating basis in the 15 municipalities of the capital.

Residents also receive a share of rice, sugar, a small amount of beans or peas, salt, coffee, matches and soap.

CHICKEN (1 lb. for consumers over 14 and medical diets): Complete distribution in Plaza and San Miguel; continue distribution in Habana Vieja, Diez de Octubre, Guanabacoa, Havana and begin in Centro Habana.

MORTADELLA (½ pound per consumer): Conclude in Playa and Arroyo Naranjo; continue distribution in Regla, Habana del Este and La Lisa.

BEEF HASH (1 lb. per consumer under 14): Conclude distribution in Diez de Octubre; continue distribution in Guanabacoa, Arroyo and Plaza.

FLAVORED HASH (½ pound per consumer): Continue distribution in Cotorro, Boyero and Cerro; Begin distribution in Marianao.

EGGS (5 for consumer and medical diets as applicable): Conclude in Guanabacoa; continue distribution in Habana del Este, Diez de Octubre, Boyeros and Playa.

CHICKEN for FISH (11 ounces of chicken per consumer and 6 pounds of frozen fish with head and tail for medical diets and special diets for children from 0 to 18): Conclude distribution in Habana del Este; Continue distribution in Boyeros, Plaza, San Miguel and Arroyo Naranjo.

Source: Empresa Provincial de Comercio La Habana

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