Raul Castro and Joe Biden to Uruguay for Inauguration on Sunday, Feb. 29th

Tabare Vazquez.  Photo: wikipedia.org
Tabare Vazquez. Photo: wikipedia.org

HAVANA TIMES — Cuban President Raul Castro and US Vice-president Joe Biden are among the guests expected at the inauguration of President Tabare Vazquez this coming Sunday in Montevideo, Uruguay, reported dpa news.

The encounter will come two days after the second round of negotiations between the US and Cuba set for Friday February 27 in Washington. The two countries are trying to pave the way to a reopening of embassies in their respective capitals.

Also expected in Montevideo for the beginning of a new term of Vazquez (following Jose Mujica, the current leader) are the presidents of Brasil, Dilma Rousseff, Chile, Michelle Bachelet, Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro and Paraguay, Horacio Cartes. Bolivia’s Evo Morales will be in Uruguay as of Thursday.

3 thoughts on “Raul Castro and Joe Biden to Uruguay for Inauguration on Sunday, Feb. 29th

  • When you write, “where Cuba can remain Cuba” does that mean you WANT Cuba to remain a dictatorship? You don’t want to see freedom of speech or a free press? Do you mean you want Cuba to have frequent shortages of toilet paper and potatoes? Is this your hope for Cuba?

  • When Joe Biden stands by Raul Castro when attending Vazquez’ inauguration, it will be the first time in 56 years that a US Vice President has met a Cuban leader.

  • What a great opportunity for both Cuba and the USA to begin a mutually respectful road to a future where Cuba can remain Cuba and America . . . America without power- mongering.
    Jonn Izzik

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