Raul Castro Gets to Attend the 7th Communist Party Congress

Local party leaders designate their representatives to the 7th Communist Party Congress. Photo: Eduardo Palomares
Local party leaders in the eastern Cuban town of Segundo Frente approve their representatives to the 7th Communist Party Congress this coming  April. The list included Raul Castro. Photo: Eduardo Palmares/Granma

HAVANA TIMES — The top story today in Cuba’s official newspaper Granma is that Segundo Frente, a community in eastern Cuba, elected Raul Castro as one of their representatives to attend the VII Communist Party this coming April.

General Castro, who also holds the titles of First Secretary of the Communist Party Central Committee and President of the Councils of State and Ministers, needed to have some community propose his attending the important event.

The Congress is expected to approve new economic reforms and possibly changes in the Cuban constitution of 1976.

The Communist Party of Cuba, which considers itself the vanguard of society, includes around 10 % of the Cuban population in its membership. It’s decisions and policies are the guiding light for the rest of the country’s centralized institutions.

4 thoughts on “Raul Castro Gets to Attend the 7th Communist Party Congress

  • I do well remember. Mi point is …..what’s the point?

  • Don’t you remember? A party congress takes place every 5-6 years. The length of time between the 5th and 6th party congresses reminds me of the length of the time between the 1939 Communist party congress and 1952 communist party congress.

  • Imagine if Raul Castro suddenly replaced Jose Ramon Machado Ventura with Miguel Diaz Canel as Party Secretary? That wouldn’t be surprising, because Miguel Diaz-Canel is positioned to succeed Raul Castro if Raul dies or catches leukemia and leave power as per Article 94 of the Cuban Constitution.
    The 7th party congress will be an opportunity for whoever is left of the historicos to expand Cuba’s economic changes and change the language of Cuba’s constitution to reflect the new economic landscape of Cuban socialism and two five-year term limits for Cuban leaders. It’s possible that Ramiro Valdes may die before the Congress takes place.

  • Communist Party Congress? Is that like 8 track tapes or Polaroid Instamatic cameras?

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