Raul Castro Insists on Ending the US Embargo during His First UN Intervention

Raul Castro at the United Nations. Photo: cubadebate.cu
Raul Castro at the United Nations. Photo: cubadebate.cu

HAVANA TIMES — Cuban president Raul Castro asked today in his first speech at the United Nations for the United States to drop its economic and trade embargo on the island.

Castro defined the thaw in relations between Cuba and the United States after more than a century of ideological confrontation as “an important step forward”, but stressed that the embargo in place since the 60’s remains in place.

Only the US Congress has the power to end the embargo, as requested by Cuba and President Barack Obama himself.

“The economic, commercial and financial embargo against Cuba for over half a century causes challenges and hardships for the Cuban people and is the main obstacle to the economic development of our country,” said Castro, who noted that the embargo is rejected by 188 Member States of the United Nations.

Castro, president of Cuba since 2008, made his first speech at the United Nations as part of the Sustainable Development Summit. On Monday he will address the plenary of the General Assembly, the first time in 15 years that a Cuban leader addresses the forum. Fidel Castro last spoke before the plenary in 2000.

The president of Cuba said today that “the gap between north and south and the polarization of wealth continues to increase.”

“Amid the current economic and financial crisis, the wealthy and the transnational companies will become increasingly richer while the amount of the poor, the unemployed and the homeless increases dramatically, due to cruel policies called “austerity,” he said.

“We have to build another international financial architecture; eliminate the monopoly on technology and knowledge, and change the current international economic order,” said the Cuban leader.

11 thoughts on “Raul Castro Insists on Ending the US Embargo during His First UN Intervention

  • Terry, thank you your opening remark. I share the sentiment many Cubans hold. The embargo is a necessary evil to constrain the Castro regime from doing even more harm if they could with the additional hard currency that an unhindered Castro economy would have access to if and when there is no embargo.

  • Moses, that has to be one of the best and most considerate responses you’ve ever written here…and I don’t mean considerate of me. Moses, I want all of the same freedoms for the Cuban people that you’ve highlighted so eloquently. Where we have always differed is in the approach to obtain them… your government has tried to leverage those freedoms for the Cuban population by using them as ammunition. Indeed, your government’s policies have actually added to their daily dose of repression. Their daily repression and misery has also been sponsored by America by way of your government’s policies…and in truth, making the US partners in crime. You’ve indicated… “The US has a responsibility to do what we can to help bring democracy to Cuba”. I agree with you, whole heartedly…but to date, that “do what we can” policy has been a bit misguided, bass-akwards, and counterproductive when considering the people of Cuba. It’s the “do what we can” that needs to be modified to at least remove the bull’s-eye from the Cuban people and place is squarely on the government of Cuba where it belongs. The economic embargo and Helms-Burton act are relics of the cold war. Diplomacy is what is needed now to spare the Cuban population further injustice sanctioned by America.

  • My company is involved with Agriculture and we are rapidly moving forward as if there are no sanctions at all. Just let me know if anyone wishes to participate with us totally under our banner of course, with no risk to you whatsoever. This is the way to get the embargo lifted as I’ve said for the last 40 years !!!

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