Raul Castro Puts Cuba’s Economy Fully in the Hands of Marino Murillo

Marino Murillo is the person chosen to revive the Cuban economy.

HAVANA TIMES — The government of Raul Castro named Marino Murillo, the so-called market “reform czar” on the island, the new Minister of the Economy, according to a statement read Thursday on state television, reported dpa news.

Murillo, a vice president of the Council of Ministers and the head of the committee that implements the reforms adopted in 2011, replaces Adel Yzquierdo. Murillo had previously held the post of Minister of Planning and Economy from 2009 to 2011.

The 53-year-old economist is considered the “brain” behind the economic liberalization reforms that the government of Raul Castro has gradually put in place in recent years.

Murillo is one of the young faces in the aging leadership of the island. With the appointment, the politician who exudes an image of a technocratic and administrator, now holds practically all the posts for implementation and supervising the economy, which has recorded a dissapointing performance despite the reforms.

Yzquierdo, who replaced Murillo in front of the ministry in 2011, was relegated to the position of deputy minister.

8 thoughts on “Raul Castro Puts Cuba’s Economy Fully in the Hands of Marino Murillo

  • Let us hope that Glenda has a happy future and enjoys freedom. Those who have been raised under repression tend to appreciate freedom more than the fortunate who have it as a birthright. Perhaps particularly when brought up by one of those helping to apply the repression.
    Despite that birthright there are those who never having experienced the repression that is inherent in countries suffering control of the people by the State (socialism) opine that the freedom of the individual should be crushed in favour of left wing dictatorships. However such people seldom seek to move to the socialist paradise(es). They prefer to exploit the freedom that others have provided by ranting about the evils of democracy and capitalism.

  • I would like to meet his daughter, to commend her courage , if she is in the states .God bless her .

  • When I was a child, my grandfather would take me to the Aberdeen beach where we would see the Punch and Judy show performed with puppets. So now the show is being held on la playa en Cuba with the puppet being Murilla and the puppet master a smirking Raul.

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