Raul Castro Reiterates Cuba’s Demands on US at UN General Assembly

Raul Castro addressing the UN General Assembly. Photo: telesurtv.net

HAVANA TIMES — Cuban President Raul Castro again addressed the United States with demands aimed at completing the process of normalizing diplomatic relations between the two countries during his speech Monday afternoon at the UN General Assembly, DPA reported.

Castro, the first Cuban president to speak before the UN since his brother Fidel took the floor there in 2000, demanded an end to the economic and financial embargo on the island that the United States has maintained since 1962; the return of the territory occupied by the Guantanamo Naval Base; the suspension of all broadcasts aimed at destabilizing his government, and compensation for “economic and human” damages.

During a speech to the 140 heads of state and government that was merely 15 minutes long, Castro spoke of the “long and complex process towards normalization” that the two countries undertook in December of 2014 and has led to the reopening of their respective embassies, after more than fifty years of ideological rivalry.

Castro, who has been president of Cuba since 2008, spoke of his anti-imperialist convictions before the plenary, but avoided mentioning the United States in his criticisms. He did not praise US President Barack Obama, whom he had mentioned during a speech delivered at the Summit on Sustainable Development, for having brought about the rapprochement.

The Cuban president expressed his support for allies including Venezuela, Ecuador, Argentina, Syria and Russia and criticized “the selective application of human rights criteria as a means of validating political decisions.”

15 thoughts on “Raul Castro Reiterates Cuba’s Demands on US at UN General Assembly

  • You are wrong. If you double -down after your errors have been discovered, then you will be stupid and wrong. Shia and Sunni muslims have been chopping off each other’s heads since the first caliphate. That’s more than a millenia before the pilgrims landed on Plymouth Rock.

  • Well that’s just great. Why Circles allows you to post this crap is beyond me. This has nothing to do with Cuba. We all know how much you hate the U.S.

  • the US started the mess in the Middle East in the first place

  • I did not allege any deaths in Cuba. I only gave facts!
    If I wished to address the US, I would do so in the New York Times. The Havana Times is about Cuba. so I don’t raise the subject of Scotland my former home as it has no relevance.
    If relevance was applied to editing your contributions in these pages, little more than 5% would be left.

  • No one is forcing you to stay in the US, of this I am sure. You do so because despite your hatred of the US, you understand that you can not live anywhere else as freely as you live in the US. Ironic, isn’t it?

  • Bashar al-Assad’s brutal and criminal assault on his own people is a “US mess”? Russian airstrikes on both Syrian opposition forces and innocent civilians is “cleaning up”? Russia is a regional military power. Their military build-up in fractured Syria has far less impact than you suggest. US-HATERS like you have been betting against the US and frothing at the mouth every time you sense a stumble in US policy. Yet, despite your jealous fantasies, the US continues to prevail and stand for good in the world. This too shall pass.

  • what I have to say have nothing to do with Cuba it’s something that needs to be spoken ,
    I am brought to tears Russia is cleaning up US mess in Syria , the Lion of Moscow president Putin have shown the world what it means to be decisive , from this point on the Middle East have changed beyond recognition .

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