Raul Castro’s Presidency Extended for 2 Extra Months

General/president Ruúl Castro.  Stock Photo: Ladyrene Perez /Cubadebate.

HAVANA TIMES – Raul Castro will stay in office as president until at least mid-April, the Cuban Parliament announced today in extending its legislative period, scheduled to end in February, reported dpa news.  

Castro had announced on several occasions that he would not accept another term in the presidency at the end of the current legislature in February 2018. Now he will stay on at least two additional months.

The decision to postpone the departure of Castro was taken over “the exceptional situation” caused by the passage of Hurricane Irma last September, which caused considerable damage to housing and other infrastructure and 10 deaths.

The timetable for the process that will conclude with the designation of the future Cuban president began in November, instead of October as initially planned, with the votes to elect neighborhood representatives to the city councils.

So far there is no candidate announced for the presidential succession but most forecasts point to the current first vice president Miguel Diaz-Canel.

12 thoughts on “Raul Castro’s Presidency Extended for 2 Extra Months

  • It is you who is uninformed. The Communist Party in Cuba, headed by Raul Castro, is virtually 100% of the Cuban parliament. It is the parliament, not the Cuban people, who vote for the Council of Ministers. The Council of Ministers, chooses from among themselves, who will be President. If Raul Castro says Diaz-Canel shall succeed him, there is 0% chance this will not happen. There is nothing, absolutely nothing, grass roots about this election. Besides, have you seen the grass in Cuba? Finally, you contradict yourself. First, you insult me by accusing me of being a Trumpster, then you flatter me by acknowledging my intelligence. The two can not both be true.

  • Obviously, you are a followers of Trumpite-ism and have no concept whatsoever of grass roots socialist democracy in Cuba or elsewhere. You an intelligent person, but you are coming across on this one like somebody totally uninformed.

  • Elected? Is there any doubt that Scooby-Doo would be the next President of Cuba is Raul said so? The “election” is what takes place to fool folks, well, like you, who believe in the tooth fairy and democracy in Cuba.

  • That’s silly. You simply do not understand socialist democracy. The People decide, and The People rule. There is no dictatorship in Cuba, not since Batista.

  • Your understanding is so shattered. The new leader will be elected by the ELECTED representatives of The People, whether you like it or not. Extra time is needed because of this horrible disaster. The hurricane is not an excuse. It’s reality.

  • It’s BS. Who cares if it’s Raul Castro or Kim Kardashian when it comes to rebuilding homes or repairing roofs. The hurricane is just an excuse for a delay. Raul, like any dictator, hates to give up the limelight of the Presidency.

  • Miguel Diaz-Canal if elevates would a place holder until real power broker emerges. He lacks independent support of military or state enterprises. This will be Government by small committee of behind the scenes power brokers and Raul. Eventually someone will break out of the pack to take control. Most likely in a couple of years when Raul passes.

  • The palace intrigue possibilities are endless. What is certain is that change is coming.

  • This is very reasonable. The extra two months are necessary because of the hurricane disruption. Very reasonable.

  • I wonder if there are hidden issues with succession, could sharks be trailing the sharks who are trailing the fish? I want to believe the eventual changes (when ever) are peaceful, but will Diaz-Canel be able to hold on should General Rodriguez want to track a different path? With the cadre of the Revolutionary, who still seem to hold considerable influence (and receive similar benefits) shift the tide should Raul take a dirt nap? Add in a failing economy and while the Yellow Haired one continue the embargo, civil unrest will eventually add fuel to the fire. Stay tuned.

  • first two months then another and then? This man is the last living member of the gang of three. Fidel.Che and Raul!

  • After 59 years of Castro dictatorship, what’s another couple months? Besides, Raul plans to remain in control of the Communist Party in Cuba and the real power in Cuba lies with the party anyway.

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