Reinaldo Miravalles Passed Over for National Film Award

HAVANA TIMES — The jury that annually awards the coveted National Film Award ended up ignoring the request of the filmmaker Ian Padron to give the prize to Cuban-American actor Reinaldo Miravalles.

Nonetheless, the new National Award went to a movie remembered for Miravalles’s outstanding performance in one of the leading roles, along with Sergio Corrieri.

The National Film Award was presented on Thursday to Manuel Perez, the director of El Hombre de Maisinicu (1973), for his “loyalty and contributions to the film culture” of the island, reported the media.

Perez began as assistant to award-winners Jose Massip and Tomas Gutierrez Alea, while his own work includes 31 editions of “Noticiero ICAIC” and the movie Paginas del diario de Mauricio (2006).

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