Remains of Murdered Cuban Found in Argentina

HAVANA TIMES – The remains of Jesús Cejas Arias, a Cuban diplomat in Argentina, who was kidnapped and later killed during the dictatorship in 1976, were found in that country.

According to Prensa Latina, Cejas Arias was kidnapped along with fellow Crescentius Galañena Hernandez, and both were held in illegal captivity and subjected to torture.

The remains of Cejas Arias were hidden in a 200 liter metal drum and filled with cement, said the Argentine Forensic Anthropology Team.

Like the remains of Galañena Hernandez, found in June last year, this discovery took place in an area of ??the community of Viceroys, in the town of San Fernando, province of Buenos Aires.

Cejas Arias remains were found a month ago, but only now was the identification procedure completed.