Repression in Nicaragua Decried at the UN Headquarters

Nicaraguans in front of the UN in New York. Photo: VOA

Nicaraguans in exile and members of different Nicaraguan diasporas that have formed in the United States participated in the sit-in

By Confidencial

HAVANA TIMES – A group of Nicaraguans held a sit-in on September 23rd in front of the UN headquarters in New York, in which they denounced the serious human rights violations committed by the regime of Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo in Nicaragua.

“The persecution continues at all levels and spaces in Nicaragua. The regime attacks activists, human rights defenders, journalists, businessmen, priests, deports sisters of charity and prevents the return of Nicaraguans to their country, forcing others into exile, regardless of age or conditions,” the group denounced in a statement released on the occasion of the 77th session of the United Nations General Assembly.

Exiled Nicaraguans and members of the different Nicaraguan diasporas that have formed in the United States participated in the sit-in, who, carrying the Nicaraguan flag, raised slogans such as: “We are Nicaragua”, “No more dictatorship”, “Freedom for Nicaragua”, “Freedom for political prisoners” and “Justice for the murdered.”

The organizations present were: New York New Jersey Work Table, Nicaraguans in Exile, Malinche Group, Nicaragua Freedom Coalition, Permanent Commission on Human Rights (CPDH) and the Nicaragua Never Again Collective of Costa Rica.

Rudy Sediles, coordinator of the Nicaraguans in Exile organization, explained that around 100 people were at the sit-in, representing the organizations, although many others were unable to arrive because it was a work day.

“We seek to continue making the situation in Nicaragua visible, not only for the United States, but for all the nations that came to the UN General Assembly, also expressing our demands for the freedom of all political prisoners, the cessation of persecution against the Catholic Church, and freedom for Nicaragua,” said Sediles.

“A news blackout is near in Nicaragua”

Human rights defenders denounced the serious situation of freedom of expression in Nicaragua, and recalled that, in the last four months, the regime ordered a massive closure of more than a dozen media outlets and forced the exile of more than a dozen journalists whom the police went to look for in their homes.

Wendy Quintero, journalist, and human rights defender from the Nicaragua Never Again Collective, read a letter that was distributed among the delegations that participated in the United Nations General Assembly.

In the letter, the organizations of the Legal Defense Network asked the delegations to consider the situation in Nicaragua, which, they denounced, “has suffered setbacks” that are destroying the country. almost ended it.”

In addition, she points out that eleven of the more than 200 people that the regime keeps imprisoned for political reasons in Nicaragua are journalists, owners, or representatives of independent media outlets. “The goal of achieving an information blackout in Nicaragua is close,” Quintero warned.

The group of demonstrators said they have faith in the inter-American system, in the universal system of human rights, and in the good will of the governments friendly to Nicaraguans.

In its letter distributed to the delegations, the Legal Defense Network also requested that they “express their rejection of the State policy that attacks and destroys the freedom of expression to which people in Nicaragua have a right.”

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