Research into Eastern Cuba Cave Paintings Begind

HAVANA TIMES — Cuban experts on Thursday began studying rock paintings that were previously unknown to scientists on the island. These representations are located in the Los Panaderos Cave, in eastern Holguin Province, reported the Cuban News Agency.

These indigenous artistic expressions were spotted by chance by Joseph Corella, a member of a group of scientific explorers from Gibara, Holguin – the locality on the island with the fourth largest number of pictographic sites.

According to cave archeologist Juan Jose Guarch, the pictograms are reddish and represent geometric figures that are stylistically quite similar to others found in the Sierra de Cubitas, in Camagüey Province.

The Los Panaderos Cave extends over 2,100 meters under a blanket of limestone, with four levels of galleries and large open areas.

Today it has become a touristic site, which means the cave is in a “quite altered state,” laments specialist Roberto Valcarcel Rojas, from the Eastern Department of Archaeology.