Rock Bands Tour Cuba

HAVANA TIMES, May 4 – Numerous Cuban rock bands will tour several of the country’s provinces starting today until June 13. This is the first national tour of the Cuban Rock Agency. The tour is sponsored by the Hermanos Saíz Association, which represents young artists, the Cuban Music Institute and the Young Communist League (UJC).

Divided into three segments the tour opens in Santiago de Cuba on Tuesday continuing on to numerous eastern cities with the groups Combat Noise, Escape and Zeus. Group two performers are comprised of Hipnosis, Chlover and Agonizer, performing in the central provinces from May 20-28. The final phase, takes place in the western provinces from May 29 until the closing on June 13 in Havana with a concert.

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  • Hello! Do you know if there are any arrangements between Cuba and the United States that would allow an American blues/rock band to play in Cuba?

    Thanks for any information that you might have.


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