Rosario Murillo Continues Her Tirades vs. the Opposition 

First Lady and Vice President Rosario Murillo ranting against the opposition. Photo from government website “El 19 digital” 

Nicaragua’s VP, who runs the country’s day-to-day business, renewed her verbal attacks against the opposition leaders calling them “wimps,” “demons” and “liars”. 

By 100% Noticias

HAVANA TIMES – For the second day in a row, Rosario Murillo seconded with parables and words full of hate an article by pro-government announcer Moises Absalon Pastora about lying.  She called the opposition leaders liars, assassins and demons who don’t love their country. She also called them “detritus that call for sanctions.” 

“There’s a word negationist that’s in fashion; really, those who commit crimes against their homeland, against their people, become, thanks to their talent for lying, angels and victims, when they’re killers and demons, those who murdered, who burned things down, who destroyed, aren’t Nicaraguans who love their country,” Murillo began. She herself has been accused of crimes against humanity and was the “brains” behind the banishment of several hundred opposition leaders and activists, who were stripped of their nationality and sent to the United States. 

Her outburst continued: “the so-called opposition, inside and outside of Nicaragua, throw stones at the tree that is bearing fruit, a destructive attitude that continues to be a selfish attitude. The so-called opposition continues cashing in to demand more sanctions against Nicaragua, but the Nicaraguan government in legitimate defense knows how to respond, and does what is sovereignly possible to evade the aggression.”

It’s worth noting that different human rights organizations have raised their voices before the world regarding the regime’s destruction of civil liberties in Nicaragua. The number of current political prisoners has risen to 78, including young women who were studying in the Central American University, which the dictatorship recently confiscated.

“They are against their people and their territorial integrity, while these wimps and detritus believe that doing politics involves lies, lying all the time. The world has stopped believing that infamy, those slanders, those inventions of sick minds, because our real truth has been more convincing than all the tall tales together, of those who wanted to derail us, of those who wanted to destroy us just to take power,” she stressed.

All things turn, she says

Murillo says that the opposition leaders are avaricious and greedy, that they have demonstrated this, “through that failed – thanks to the people’s struggle – coup d’etat. We tell them that before the lies, we say memory, truth, justice, reparation and no repetition.”

Rosario Murillo branded the opposition as negationists, that are more than negationists, since she considers them evil-doers who invent their own fantasies, because realities they’re not, and by the art – not of magic, but by the art of the dark arts they make themselves the victims, when they’re the assassins. “They transform themselves into angels, when they’re devils, and here they tried to impose a diabolic, Mephistophelian plan and they couldn’t, nor will they be able to, we’re going forward.”

“There’s something that they’re asking of their godfathers: to support them, to back them, and they’re not succeeding, they chose error there, they chose the lie, avarice, greed, they chose from the criminal standpoint the destruction of their country and the perversion of their people,” she continued.

Finally, Murillo asserted that life spins around and that the evil they wish on another will fall on the one who wished it. 

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