Round Two of Cuba-EU Talks Aug. 27-28

HAVANATIMES —Representatives of Cuba and the European Union meet in Brussels on August 27 and 28 for the second round of negotiations for the signing of a new pact that will include aspects o fpolitical dialogue, cooperation and trade, said European authorities.

The talks are expected to take place every two months, with informal contacts through e-mails, phone calls or video conferencing in between the face-to-face sessions.

The first meeting took place in Havana on April 29-30, when Cuba and the EU agreed on a roadmap for the negotiation process and stipulated the general structure of the future agreement.

One thought on “Round Two of Cuba-EU Talks Aug. 27-28

  • The European Union includes the United Kingdom which is well aware of the dangers facing foreign companies operating in Cuba where two of its citizens Amando Fakre and Stephen Purvis have been incarcerated for “corruption”. Such is the encouragement provided by the Castro family regime for cooperation and trade. Political dialogue is assured until Cuba accepts and operates under the United Nations definition of human rights.

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