HAVANA TIMES — Russian Deputy Finance Minister Sergei Storchak said in late September that talks will begin concerning the debt of 25 billion dollars that Moscow is asking for from Havana, reports the Russian news agency Ria Novosti.

“I hope we can have discussions in October. These will still not be negotiations, but an attempt to resume the dialogue that was interrupted ten years ago,” said Storchak in Mexico, where he participated in a meeting of the G-20 nations.

The Russian deputy minister said that the order was received by President Vladimir Putin, noting that the financial situation has normalized in both countries compared to 2002, when the dialogue concerning Cuba’s debt was interrupted.

8 thoughts on “Russia Eyes Cuba’s 25 Billion Debt

  • Put up or shut up. What are the “numerous studies” you refer to?

  • The Dollars & Sense author wrote, “The fact that a poor, formerly colonized country can meet its citizens’ basic needs, while outperforming the United States on key measures, underscores how inexpensively the United States could follow suit.”

    It’s telling that ‘Moses’ asks what the “key measures” referred to are. As a capitalist and US government spokesperson he cannot imagine any key measures other than financial figures like GNP. Social issues are not on the table for dear old ‘Moses’.

    Thanks for asking. Here is a very partial list of some of the ‘key measures’ as listed in Chris Hedges excellent new book, “Days of Destruction, Days of Revolt” dealing with what’s really, really bad in the US, not just the superficial stuff its mass media reports, which is bad enough. Hedges wants to inform his fellow Americans about what their country really represents:

    – highest prevalence of mental health problems
    – highest obesity rate
    – highest proportion of population going without health care
    – highest consumption of antidepressants per capita
    – highest homicide rate
    – largest prison population per capita
    – worst score on the United Nations gender equality index
    – lowest score on the UN index of “material well-being of children”
    – Greatest inequality of incomes.

    “Moses’ writes, “The US faces economic collapse? Times are tough, but no where near collapsing.” Again quoting Chris Hedges:

    “The game, however is up. The clock is ticking toward internal and external collapse. Even our corporate overlords no longer believe the words they utter. They rely instead on the security and surveillance state for control. The rumble of dissent that rises from the Occupy movements terrifies them It creates a new narrative. It exposes their exploitation and cruelty. And it shatters the absurdity of their belief system… The corporate state knows only one word: more.”

    ‘Moses’ writes, if Capriles wins in Venezuela, Cuba will be “forced to pay market rate for all the oil they currently receive practically free from Venezuela”. Wrong. Cuba pays by an exchange – Cuban medical and recreation personnel in exchange for oil. Capriles has stated he won’t change that arrangement.

    ‘Moses’ writes, the motivation for the blockade ” is quite simple”, blaming it on the Cuban Diaspora. Wrong. The old guard is dying faster than Cuba’s leadership – probably something to do with the high obesity rate and lack of health care in the US Hedges writes about.

    More likely, the motivation of the blockade is what the Money & Sense author wrote – it keeps Americans from comparing the ‘key factors’ first-hand.

    It’s worth noting the attitude ‘Moses’ inadvertently illustrates in what he wrote when he claims the interests of a handful of Cuban-Americans take precedence over 11 million Cubans ” who don’t vote in US elections.” Got the message? Unless you’re American you don’t count. You can imagine what it would be like without an independent Cuban government – unless you become the 51st state, joining the sinking ship.

    ‘Moses’ writes, “there is no fear we might learn how to create food shortages, collapsing buildings and blackouts. We know how to do that and we have worked to avoid them.” That will be right about the learning process – Hedges is helping with that – and wrong about avoiding them based on facts on the ground.

    ‘Moses’ notes the trivial loss to the US economy that the blockade represents, ignoring what the Dollars & Sense author wrote, “While the dollar cost to the United States may be higher, Cuba has suffered a greater economic hit relative to its size and resources. Again, ‘Moses’ only cares about the American side. Of course he does. That’s what his propaganda represents. His message is obviously dangerous to the welfare of Cuba’s citizens.

  • Grady, there are numerous studies which show that most of the IMF credit-backed loans which failed or led to failing economies were used to fund non-performing enterprises largely set up by corrupt politicians as money laundering schemes. There is blame to go around from the greedy bankers to the corrupt local politicians. In the end the people suffer. That still does not absolve Fidel from reneging on HIS agreements. What happened in West Africa does not justify his actions.

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