Russian Draft Prompts Mass Exodus of Eligible Men

By Democracy Now

HAVANA TIMES – In Russia, a Kremlin spokesperson said Monday “no decisions have been taken” on whether to close Russia’s borders, after thousands of military-age men lined up for hours to cross into neighboring countries in an effort to avoid conscription. The mass exodus comes after President Putin ordered the mobilization of 300,000 additional Russian troops to Ukraine. This is a 36-year-old man from Moscow who spoke to reporters just after crossing into Georgia on Monday.

Draft resister: “Of course, this has scared many people. No one wants to go off to die. Probably people choose this way of protesting, to leave the country, you could say practically to nowhere. People are crossing on foot, with one bag, leaving their whole life behind, you could say all their possessions, absolutely everything, just to live peacefully.”

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One thought on “Russian Draft Prompts Mass Exodus of Eligible Men

  • People don’t want to lose their lives fighting unjust and unwinnable wars.
    If someone invaded Russia, make no mistake……
    Russians would fight til their last breath to defend their homeland. Just like Ukrainians are stepping up to defend their beloved land.
    But to get drafted and go risk your life invading somewhere where you got no business setting foot? Different story………
    There are parallels in history.
    The Vietnamese were successful against overwhelming odds when they had to defend their homeland against the likes of France, Japan, China and even the USA.
    By contrast, did the people of the USA want to get drafted once they realised that the invasion of Vietnam was a big fat bunch of unjust, unwinnable, bullsh*t ?
    No – they didn’t wanna get their balls blown off for that. Neither do many Russians here and now in the present day. Same sh*t – different century.

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