Scottish Government Expresses Concern over Events in Nicaragua

HAVANA TIMES – In a reply to a Scottish Solidarity with Nicaragua letter, the Government of Scotland expresses its concerns about the ongoing State repression that has taken place in Nicaragua since the civic rebellion of April 2018. 

The following is the Scottish Government’s reply dated April 12, 2020:


Scottish Solidarity with Nicaragua,

Thank you for your correspondence of 09 March 2020.

The Scottish Government shares your concerns about the violence in Nicaragua, which has escalated since April 2018, resulting in over 300 civilian deaths and a continuing refugee crisis. We are shocked by the needless loss of life and the disproportionate response of the Nicaraguan authorities.

The Scottish Government calls on all states to implement their human rights obligations in full. As Scotland’s national government we are committed to respecting, protecting and fulfilling human rights and to confronting discrimination and inequality. Our goal is to ensure that every member of society can live with freedom and dignity.  In an international context, we are similarly committed to acting as a good global citizen, demonstrating leadership and championing efforts to secure human rights, democracy and the rule of law.  

We support the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights’ calls for the Nicaraguan Government to ensure the protection of human rights of all citizens, particularly the right to peaceful assembly and freedom of expression. We also support her calls for the release of the 61 prisoners detained for reasons relating to protests.

The Scottish Government condemns violence against peaceful protesters, arbitrary detentions, media restrictions, and the use of live ammunition, and urges the Nicaraguan government stop repression of peaceful protests and to ensure a thorough investigation of all reports of human rights abuses.

Yours Sincerely,

David Mathie International Relations

Government of Scotland


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2 thoughts on “Scottish Government Expresses Concern over Events in Nicaragua

  • It would seem that the Scottish Government and all governments ought to ‘Express Concern’ regarding Nicaragua’s Covid 19 policies (or lack thereof).

  • Good! Say it as it is. So much for the “solidarity” of the left with the Ortegas.

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