Second Cuban Oil Well Comes up Short

The Scarabeo 9 oil drilling platform.

HAVANA TIMES — The drilling of an exploratory oil well to the north of the Cuba’s Pinar del Rio province was concluded by the companies PC Gulf (Malaysia) and Gazpromneft (Russia), however the site was found to have “no ability to deliver significant quantities of oil or gas,” reported Cubapetroleo today.

The companies detected an “active petroleum system” that could extend beyond the exploration areas under contract by the two companies. In the area drilled the ocean bed was of “very compact” rock and therefore it “cannot be considered a commercial discovery,” noted Prensa Latina.

Nonetheless, PC Gulf and Gazpromneft will not abandon their efforts; rather, in subsequent months they will conduct a three-dimensional seismic survey of their area with the greatest potential according to a two-dimensional seismic survey conducted in 2009.

In the meantime, the Chinese-made, Italian company owned, US $750 million Scarabeo 9 drilling platform will now be turned over the Venezuelan company PDVSA in the coming days to start drilling its own exploratory well in deep waters of Cuba’s Exclusive Economic Zone in the Gulf of Mexico.


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  • petroleum is made of seaweed and algae. in israel, oil is made from algae and americans have plans to produce oil for the whole world with less than 2% of the oceans as seaweed farms. the government should start thinking about the future alternatives to petroleum.

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