Self-employment Increases in Cuba

HAVANA TIMES, April 3 — As of February, the number of self-employed workers in Cuba reached 371,200 workers, according to statistics from the Ministry of Labor and Social Security, reported the Café Fuerte website.

Among the 181 authorized specialties, the most common are those engaged in food preparation and food sales, which represent a sixth of the total number of small business operations.

These are followed by cargo and passenger transportation, rental housing, door-to-door sellers of agricultural produce, producer-sellers of household goods, and messengers.

Despite some governmental hold ups, it’s expected that this year we will see substantial growth in the non-state sector with an additional 240,000 self-employed workers, which would bring the total to more than a half million independent workers on the island.


One thought on “Self-employment Increases in Cuba

  • It is right that self employment is increase in Cuba, but it doesn’t mean that there is no job opportunity. You have to search more to find a good job in Cuba.

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