Sen. Mel Martinez Calls it Quits

HAVANA TIMES, August 10 – Republican Senator Mel Martinez, known for his opposition to a softening of the half century US blockade on Cuba has suddenly resigned from his Senate seat claiming a desire to return to Florida from Washington to spend more time with his family.  Martinez’ term expires in January 2011.

The Cuban-American, who came to the US at age 15, served in the Bush administration as the Secretary of Housing and Development.  Martinez had said last year that he would not seek another term in the 2010 elections.

Martinez was one of several rightwing representatives and senators that criticized President Obama for his public opposition to the June 28 military coup in Honduras against President Manuel Zelaya.

One thought on “Sen. Mel Martinez Calls it Quits

  • August 12, 2009 at 2:33 pm

    Good riddance to bad rubbish. Perhaps Martinez wil come to his native country and set up a business and help us help ourselves the right way, without the directoria OR” those gangsters who are eyeing the tremendous opportunity in Cuba ( am i being facetious.. I’m back! )
    Like i say good riddance. Now, that he has seen that people world wide want open doors for Cuba he is QUITTING ..HELLO SARAH PALIN!!

    Now,i am a believer in tradition, and believe that all of those waiting for Fidel, to return to his ancestors should pull up a chair and hold thier breath..Fidel, will out live many, and rightfully so. This FF will survive as he has for at least another ten yrs, and when he does make the transition, Cuba will still be closed and Socialist.
    One thing about Raul, even though he is the pres, he will never agree to anything that Fidel suggests may not be true to the revolution, and if Fidel requests a continuation of his legacy, so it is ..As i have said..Hold your breathe &…

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