Settlement for Hurricane Victims Opens

HAVANA TIMES — A new community of 49 homes was inaugurated on Tuesday in the eastern province of Holguin for families that had fallen victim to Hurricane Sandy, reports the official Juventud Rebelde newspaper.

Dubbed the “Armando Martinez Mestre Community,” the homes were constructed by remodeling various previously abandoned buildings and will now be the residence of 158 people. More such remodeling jobs in the same area are expected to take place during this coming year.

Hurricane Sandy damaged or damaged or destroyed more than 64,000 homes in the province, and only 20.3 percent of them have been repaired since then. In addition, according to provincial government officials, by the end of 2012 some 2,200 new homes will be built in the area, with over half earmarked to hurricane victims.

One thought on “Settlement for Hurricane Victims Opens

  • 20.3%??? Says who? My in-laws in Guantanamo suffered roof damage due to Sandy. My wife sent some money to her parents by Western Union which they used to purchase materials to make the repair. Their neighbor next door, who does not have family abroad, also suffered damage to their home and they, like so many others are still waiting on the government to make materials available AND affordable to begin repairs. According to my in-laws, very few homes in Guantanamo have been repaired. Those homes which suffered the most damage or were destroyed altogether are just as they were after Sandy. It may be that the 20% figure represents the only the most minimally damaged homes with the easiest repairs. Even then, that figure sounds high. Keep in mind that a significant number of homes damaged or destroyed in Hurricanes Gustav and Ike in 2008 remain unrepaired .The tragedy of natural disasters can strike anywhere and in poor third world countries like Cuba, the damage is often devastating. Misleading the public about repairs in the aftermath only adds insult to injury.

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