Six Cubans Lost at Sea, Search Continues

By Café Fuerte

US Coast Guard in action.
US Coast Guard in action.

HAVANA TIMES — A new tragedy of Cuban migrants at sea takes place as we near Christmas. The US Coast Guard reported that it is searching for six Cubans aboard a capsized boat. The vessel was trying to get reach Puerto Rico from the Dominican Republic, according to a statement released Monday by the coastal authorities in San Juan, P.R.

The report said the wreck involves three men and three women who sailed from Juan Dolio Beach, in the southeast of the Dominican Republic, on Tuesday December 17. Juan Dolio is a resort near the town of San Pedro de Macoris.

The Coast Guard received information from a relative of the shipwrecked Cubans on Saturday, and since then a rescue team has been searching the area to locate the boat and possible survivors, without finding a trace of them.

The search extends from southern Dominican Republic, the Mona Passage and the waters west of Puerto Rico.

The authorities are requesting any related information be communicated to the Coast Guard Command in the area of ??San Juan, via phone (787) 289-2041.

Since last October 1, US coastal authorities have intercepted at sea a total of 271 Cubans. In fiscal year 2013, which ended Sept. 30, the number of Cubans intercepted was 1,357.

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  • And… had these people done the same thing but left from a Cuban shore, the finger would immediately be pointed at the repressive conditions imposed by the Castros. as the cause for their risking their lives as they did.
    But the Dominican Republic has been solidly capitalist and the government anti-communist since the U.S coup in 1965 so not a word will be said about the conditions there that forced these people to do what they did.

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