They Want to Silence “Letters from Cuba”

Fernando Ravsberg

HAVANA TIMES — Dear readers of Letters from Cuba: during the last week we were subjected to constant attacks that managed to shut us out of cyberspace. Our team has worked hard to successfully reestablish the site but the attacks continue; we have received 20 in less than 24 hours.

It seems to be a fairly well organized warfare; the attackers have a battery of different “IPs” and the goal was to create the feeling that entering Letters from Cuba could be dangerous for the surfer.

Eventually they managed to get some web servers to mark us as high risk and we received hundreds of letters advising us. We thank all those who warned us and showed concern about the situation, especially OnCuba and Havana Times. Thanks to these and other sites, the post from last week was published in English and Spanish despite Letters from Cuba being temporarily blocked.

We still don’t know who is behind these attacks but we do know that they seek to silence Letters from Cuba. We clearly have powerful enemies with considerable resources devoted to preventing our voice from being heard, my voice and that of all the journalists, bloggers and intellectuals whose views appear on our site.

They had already tried to silence us when we were part of the BBC and it was necessary to change many procedures to prevent attacks. They renew the attack now when they think we are weaker technologically. However, once again they are mistaken, as we are confident that honest journalism is more powerful than an army of hackers.

17 thoughts on “They Want to Silence “Letters from Cuba”

  • September 25, 2014 at 7:54 pm

    Labiofam a Cuban State Company managed by a nephew of the Castro’s has announced two new “PERFUMES”.
    No doubt the late Ernresto Guevara who was notorious for minimizing his use of showers or washing keeping others at a distance – but said by defenders to be because he was concerned about his asthma, would have scorned those who would have his historic image less malodorous.
    But Oh Sweet Hugo why was your scent not named ‘Belligerent”
    All those ‘Che’ T shirt wearing adherents of socialism will now be able to douse themselves with ERNESTO! They too may smell sweeter.
    BIG sales of HUGO will undoubtedly be made to Nicholas Maduro who having tried so hard for so long to adopt the aura of his predecessor will at least be able to smell like him.
    The Castro family regime will no doubt benefit through the nephew and a good sprinkling of ERNESTO may minimise any odour from nappies.

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