Son of Fidel Castro Commits Suicide

Fidel Angel Castro. Photo: Jorge Luis Gonzalez /


HAVANA TIMES – Fidel Angel Castro Diaz-Balart, 68, the son of Fidel Castro, committed suicide on February 1, unable to overcome severe depression, reports the official Granma newspaper.

Castro had been under medical treatment for several months.

As part of his treatment he was initially hospitalized and later was an outpatient, noted Granma.

At the time of his death he held the post of Vice President of the Cuban Academy of Sciences and Scientific Advisor to the Council of State.

“Fidelito” as he was known, played a prominent role in efforts to develop nuclear energy on the island. He served as the executive secretary of Cuba’s Atomic Energy Commission from 1980 to 1992 and was in charge of a project to build a nuclear power plant in the south central Cuban province of Cienfuegos.

The project was scrapped in 1992 after its funding source, the Soviet Union, ceased to exist.


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  • No true, yes there were rich people and some people did have to work hard just like in America where some have to have two jobs to TRY to make ends meet. I was born in Cuba in 1956, came to the US in 1969 and do remember how life was there as a young teenager, nobody was being trated like slaves many, many years before Castro took over, took over nationalized everything and made everybody poor, one of the worst dictators ever. Are you Cuban? Have you ever visited or lived in Cuba.

  • Yes i bn to Cuba 25 times I love the country an his pepole they are well educated they have free schools medical they homes are a gift to them from the state a safe country the no one in this curup world we live I send Fidel a nice letter years agow an he reported to me very nicesly an he thank me for my comments on him an Cuba he have sing this letter with his black in pen an thano me i love the country so much

  • History has repeatedly demonstrated that those leaders who allowed multi-party opposition have merely opened the door to U.S. intervention, as the C.I.A., N.S.A., U.S.A.I.D., etc. sends in pots of money to subvert these elections or, when that threatens to be unsuccessful, pays of the generals to stage a coup. Whether Arbenz in Guatemala, Mosadec in Iran, or more recently, Zelaya and later Nasralla in Honduras, or Obrador in Mexico, the U.S.A. is ever ready to subvert the real will of the people. Ironic, that now we feel outraged that the Russians are merely doing the same to us! Besides. George Washington warned us against the spirit of strife caused by political parties. It is much better just to have one party–The Party!

  • So sorry to hear of this! The sickness of depression takes many lives each year. Those suffering from this illness need the touch of caring friends and family to enable the freedom from this disorder.

  • You speak the truth. Thank you so much.

  • Brother CErmle, Cuba has no Donald Trump and no George Bush Jnr. Fidel Castro and his brother Raul left their life of ease and plenty and gravitated towards the poor, wretched and downtrodden of Cuba to LIBERATE them from their state of degradation in which they existed. Fidel was a renowned Lawyer; who could have made millions in his profession; his father possessed thousands of acres of land.

    He nationalized his father’s land as well when he nationalized all the lands in Cuba. The ordinary Cuban can now access a piece of the rock which was previously denied him/her. And the USA has the brass face to call Fidel a Dictator when they supported Batista and all other dictators across the globe who subjugate their people! Where did Fulgencio Batista fled to when he was toppled by the Revolution?.

    The USA and the OLIGARCHS of Cuba are annoyed with Fidel and his Borhter Raul for DESERTING their CAUSE and, instead, gravitated towards those who they had their feet on, degrading, exploiting and oppressing them. Fidel is a human being who had feelings of sympathy at the way his brothers and sisters were being treated; he empathized with their sufferings and ran to their rescue. thereby occurring the wrath of the USA which was supporting the Cuban rich. The USA never, ever ran to the assistance of the poor and downtrodden of the Planet in its entire history!!

  • Brother Michael, Lots of people around the world suffer from Depression and more so in the USA where people live from day to day, some of them unble to pay their rent, some cannot find jobs, some cannot support their children. You seem to think that Depression only occurs in Cuba. Wake up and smell the coffee and cease being so hypocritical? People in Cuba live normal lives. When they meet each other on the streets they greet one another with a hug and kisses on both cheek. This could never happen in the USA where no one trusts the other one.

  • …you mean, it was the worst of times, and it was the best of times….

  • Hope, it is evident that although corruption existed before the revolution, the Castro regime unfortunately created a new 1% to benefit themselves. In 1959 we were farmers and had access / money to every type of food, clothing and even some nice things. Look up youtube videos of Havana in the 1950’s to see people walking around, dressed nicely and you can see boutiques, shops and restaurants in the background. Today Havana is crumbling. It is detestable for people who live in a free society to assertively defend a system of control that has 99% of the Cuban people subjugated by poverty and lack; with no freedom of religion, no freedom of the press and no freedom of expression — the very things we all get to enjoy.

  • Don’t you think is slavery working for a Government that pays you less than a dollar a day and expect you to pay $2:50CUC for a bottle of cooking oil???

  • hmmm… Castro and Diaz-Balart…. A Tale of Two Cities…. Havana and Miami. It was the best of times and it was the worst of times….

  • The huge majority of the people support the Revolution and The People support their government. The People rule in Cuba. There is no oligarchy. They are all in Miami, but they are getting old now and dying off.

  • Ordinary people are in charge. There is no dynasty in Cuba. That’s why Fidel Jr. was not part of any so-called “elite”. The People rule.

  • Mr Ludlow mentions that Cubans were desperately poor, should that not read ” Still are desperately poor” or is he wearing rose coloured spectacles?

  • Have you ever lived in Cuba before? What were the causes that led to his depression living in a country that is going nowhere but is stuck with the 1959 revolution? Ordinary people, and not just the elite, need to be in charge so that the country can go forward!

  • Fidel Sr. missed a historical opportunity to establish a genuine parliamentary democracy and let the people choose their own leaders in a multi-party system. After years of his rule, he had hardly anything to show to improve the lives of his people. Regardless of his father, Fidel Jr. could have contributed to promote renewable energy such as solar and/or wind power which is a lot cheaper than nuclear energy. Sad!

  • “Saved” the country to what?

  • His father actually saved the country – from the rich Americans and a few rich Cubans who were getting richer on the backs of Cubans. Cubans were desperately poor, treated as slaves so the rich could indulge themselves.

  • Why would you doubt that he had severe depression??

  • Don’t doubt the story without any evidence

  • This is sad. Fidelito was a good man.
    I hope someone does some digging and uncovers the true story here.

  • Unfortunately, he was raised in a dysfunctional family whose head honcho made the whole nation dysfunctional! Fidel Junior is only a year younger than I; too bad he gave up so soon to help his country in a more positive way.

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