Spanish President Lauds Dialogue with Cuba

HAVANA TIMES, Sept. 1 — Spanish President José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero affirmed in statements to the Japanese national press club that “there should be a demanding dialogue” regarding Cuba since “it has been demonstrated that only a dialogue will work, and we are going to maintain that policy.” Zapatero, who ruled out a trip to the island, called on the European Union to reflect on its ties with the Caribbean island nation, which will be assessed next October, reported IPS.

One thought on “Spanish President Lauds Dialogue with Cuba

  • Congratulations to President Zapatero for expressing what many Heads of State have ignored. Cuba has been offering and willing to dialogue since Jan 1, 1959. Miami Cubans have steadfastly been opposed to such politics. Unfortunately the US has chosen conflict, pressure and aggression as policy and the European Union has usually followed the along. Raul Castro reaffirmed the policy of dialogue, expressing that all areas were subject to discussion in an atmosphere of mutual respect. President Castro even suggested to President Obama a meeting in Guantanamo, Cuba. (very appropriate place to discuss the state of prisoners in Cuba) Perhaps the European Union will take the advise of President Zapatero and proceed with a policy of dialogue. Europe must expect that all issues pertaining to all areas and to all participating countries are likely to be discussed and not just Cuba and their government. Perhaps is why the US and Europe have been so resistant to a dialogue of mutual respect.

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