Sponge Farming Advances in Villa Clara, Cuba

HAVANA TIMES, July 20 — The experimental cultivation of sponges has increased from two to 12 hectares in the area of Carahatas, on the northern coast of the province of Villa Clara, barely two years after the start of a project as part of the Program of Small Donations of the UN Environment Fund, reported IPS.

2 thoughts on “Sponge Farming Advances in Villa Clara, Cuba

  • Grok – What a negative outlook. Why not drop the capitalist/socialist antagonism and appreciate a potentially profitable new venture. And strangely making a profit is not a sin – it helps to put food on the tables and clothes on the backs.

  • More information on this, please. Pictures would be a definite bonus.

    Aside from the not-so-important fact (here) that Cuba is so poor it still has to receive outside financing from agencies beholden primarily to imperialism, this appears to be a fine example of economic development which takes into account the geographic facts of Cuba being a tropical island country. On a *socialist* basis, a million good ideas like this (I’m assuming this one has minimal environmental impact) will make Cuba a strong and prosperous socialist democracy — in a position to pool that wealth with the other socialist countries of the World. On a capitalist basis, however, this can only end up as an environmental — and perhaps humanitarian — disaster, money-profit being the ONLY goal of such an undertaking.

    So let’s hope the remains — or becomes — a wholly socialist undertaking.

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