Stormy Hurricane Season Predicted

HAVANA TIMES, May 24 – The hurricane season that begins next June 1 will be more active than average due to the weakening of the El Niño phenomenon and the high temperatures in the Atlantic Ocean, affirmed José Rubiera, director of the National Forecast Centre of Cuba’s Institute of Meteorology.  After a devastating 2008, when the country was hit by three hurricanes, in 2009 the Caribbean nation was only indirectly affected by Ida’s passage through the Gulf of Mexico, reported IPS.

One thought on “Stormy Hurricane Season Predicted

  • Great. After the dumping of millions of liters of “dispersants” into the Gulf oil disaster — to apparently *guarantee* a catastrophe, by leveraging & multiplying the toxicity level of just the oil by itself with further, novel forms of chemistry experiment — Nature herself will help us to further “disperse” the oil slick all over the Seven Seas…

    Gotta love the sense of humor of the [non-existent] gods.

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