Stowaway found on flight from Havana to Miami

By Michelle Marchante (dpa)

Screenshot from El Nuevo Herald

HAVANA TIMES – A stowaway was found early Friday on a flight that arrived at Miami International Airport from Havana.

A Miami airport spokesman confirmed to the Miami Herald that the man was found hiding in the plane and said he was taken into custody by US Customs and Border Protection.

Customs and Border Protection said the 26-year-old Cuban man was found hiding inside the plane’s baggage cargo area early Friday morning and was refused entry.

Video shared on social media shows crew members and officers surrounding the man on the floor.

The Swift Air private charter landed in Miami just after midnight, according to the user.

Screenshot from El Nuevo Herald

Witnesses heard what sounded like a dog barking in the cargo area, but then a man spoke and asked for water, NBC6 reported.

The stowaway was identified as Yunier Garcia Duarte.

El Nuevo Herald confirmed that he was a worker at Jose Marti Airport in Havana.

A phone call to his cellphone was answered by someone who identified himself as the head of operations at Jose Marti Airport. He declined to give details of what happened but said that an investigation by Cuban authorities is underway.

Swift Air did not immediately respond for comment.

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  • So where do you live now Loki?
    I recall Tito refusing to adhere to the Stalinist form of Marxism/Leninism (Soviet) as practiced in Cuba, why was that? Tito as the iron man did however compel the peoples of Yugoslavia to live in comparative peace. That was shattered after his passing when the Serbs, Croats and Bosnians could get at each others throats. We all remember Sarajevo and the free world having to intervene to try to end the hate-filled butchery and the subsequent trials at the Hague.
    Thank goodness that Serbia is now best known for a tennis player and Croatia for its soccer team. Long may that remain.

  • Well I’m Yugoslavian or what is left from that was a communist socialist one and one of the most prosperous countries at the time,with big difference that it wasn’t influenced by the Soviets and it was out from the iron curtain which is not the case for the countries you was a leader and a founder of non-aligned countries at the time which represented a huge percentage of world population back then.we had powerful industry everybody had a a job ,well payed one.father could take care of his whole family with his paycheck,free education, healthcare…then 90s came civil war and capitalism and nowadays we are enslaved with credits, mortgages,perverted materialism..I know what I’m talking about.I ve been to Cuba couple of times and I’m not saying its perfect down there,it’s far from perfect,but the last thing they need is becoming another USA puppet satellite state.Cuba is a country like no other in Latin America,with a strong intelectual elite,huge scientific potential,although moral and ethics are decaying rapidly among the youth ,I sincerely hope they are going to find strength to hold their ground and secure theirs country future which will include independence from the northern neighbor.It would be a huge shame that a country like that and people like that get destroyed by those imperialistic hegemons.

  • Just ask the Polish, the Russians, the Checks Hungarians,Bulgarians, if they would like to go back to communism. Just ask the north Koreans if they would love to live in South Korea. And as a Cuban I’m telling you that 80% of Cubans would love to live in a democratic society with respect for humans rights, free press, free Markets, multiple political parties and the choice of free elections, freedom of speech, freedom of association, and a capitalism. I assume you made the choice to live in freedom and not in Cuba.

  • Send him back he broked

  • Well.first take down the economic blockade that lasts last 60 years and then we can talk which system really works and which doesn’t,without wars and stealing resources from across the globe every year USA would have civil war in no time,so please…

  • Anything to leave the working class paradise . The prosperous socialism in Castro’s kingdom obviously never worked and never will.

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