Sudanese Women’s Rights Activist Amira Osman Detained

Amira Osman

HAVANA TIMES – In Sudan, prominent women’s rights advocate Amira Osman was detained after over a dozen armed men raided her home late Saturday in the capital Khartoum. This is Osman’s sister, Amani Osman.

Amani Osman: “They stormed through the door and came into the house. There were so many of them, around 15 men and another 15 outside, carrying guns and Kalashnikovs.”

Osman and other women’s rights advocates played a crucial role in the uprising that led to the overthrow of former President Omar al-Bashir in 2019. Dozens of other high-profile political figures have been arrested since October 25, when Sudan’s military took control of the government in a coup.

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