Survey: 81% of Nicaraguans Support Early Elections

Daniel Ortega and his VP and wife Rosario Murillo at a rally of supporters in Managua.

HAVANA TIMES – Over 80% of Nicaraguans support “moving up” the 2021 presidential election and 62% disapprove of Daniel Ortega performance as president in the face of the crisis that broke out more than four months ago, according to a survey published Friday in Managua, reportó dpa.

Carried out by the national electoral observation organization Ethics and Transparency (EyT), the survey consulted 1,200 persons from all over the country about the conflict which began in April with student protests and has left up to 480 people dead according to human rights organizations.

When asked the question “do you believe that early elections should be held in the country soon?”, 81% responded “yes”, while 17% disapproved of the idea and 2% refused to give their opinion, a report published by the local newspaper “El Nuevo Diario” pointed out.

With regard to President Ortega actions to resolve the crisis, 62% disagreed with what he has done in contrast to the 31% who said that he was “acting for the wellbeing of all Nicaraguans” and 7% did not answer, the report stated.

It pointed out that approximately 33% blame the “government and its allies” for economic ruin as a result of the crisis, while 20% blame the opposition and 38% blame both parties.

Bishops from the Episcopal Conference, who have mediated in the national dialogue process (which has been suspended since July), received support from 83% of those surveyed, against the 14% who do not support them and 3% who refused to answer, it stated.

EyT’s survey also revealed a “decline in support for the visible opposition movement” as confidence in the Civic Alliance coalition fell from 56% to 52% between July and August.

Out of all of the people consulted, 34% defined themselves as Government supporters (21% Sandinistas and 13% “Danielistas”), while 29% said they were “independent” and 27% said they supported opposition parties.