Swine Flu has Cuba on Alert

By Circles Robinson

HAVANA TIMES, April 29 — No cases of swine flu have been reported to date in Cuba but the island’s authorities are taking the threat seriously.

By declaring the alert stage on Tuesday afternoon the island’s civil defense system was activated at municipal, provincial and national levels.

Among the precautions being taken to safeguard the Cuban population and visitors, special vigilance is now taking place for both human and animal epidemiology with an emphasis on the capital Havana. Sanitary controls are in place at all airports and sea ports.

Regular and charter flights carrying passengers to and from Mexico to Cuba have been temporarily suspended through Thursday.

As of Wednesday, all persons arriving in the country from any destination will fill out a passenger health declaration form.

Even under normal conditions Cuba routinely has medical personal available at its airports.

The island is known for having one of the world’s most efficient civil defense networks, put to the test in 2008 with the passing of three powerful hurricanes.

3 thoughts on “Swine Flu has Cuba on Alert

  • I do not know about the Cuban gov but i do not beleive this is a manufactured virus the us gov although corrupt would not take unnecessary risks with their citizens health by unleashing such a virus

  • The Cuban gov has superior medical personnel to the point where we have dispatched assistance to mexico as well as to many other nations in need in the past. Cuba, is ok and will be okay because this is nothing but a disaster set up for political reasons. Think about this The US pres was there with Chavez and several others from nations seeking to dialougue. BOOM!! one week later this happens. Now i believe that this did not come via mexico but rather the US from Ft detrick md or some other germ lab..People should do the research before disbelieving. Suffice that since i live in the US, am a nurse by prof, am visiting the country i was born in and helping where i can… i hope that the Cuban gov will handle this like all other threats!

  • I’m agree… but at the same time I don’t belive in the cuban goverment…

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