Terrorist Fence Buster Posada Acquitted

Luis Posada Carriles

HAVANA TIMES, April 9 — In the eyes of the US justice system, fugitive plane and hotel bomber Luis Posada Carriles, 83, has a clean slate.

Finally taken to court for lying to US immigration officials about how he snuck into the United States back in 2005, Posada, a long-time CIA operative, will continue to live freely in Miami.

Wanted in Venezuela and Cuba for the many deaths occurring in bombings he allegedly organized, Posada was acquitted on all 11 counts of perjury, obstruction of justice and immigration fraud after a 13-week trial, considered a farce by Cuba.

The headline of Cuba’s official Granma daily on Saturday reads: “Mafia Justice: Posada Carriles acquitted of all charges.”

Posada’s “greatest feat” in his war against Castro’s Cuba, was the 1976 bombing of a civilian Cuban airliner that killed all 73 persons on board. He played a role in the Iran-Contra affair as well as in numerous political killings in several Latin American countries.

The hero of the hardcore Miami Cuban exile community illegally entered the US in 2005, months after receiving a pardon from outgoing Panamanian president Mireya Moscoso. Posada and three accomplices had been jailed for events surrounding an assassination attempt on Fidel Castro at an Ibero-American summit in Panama.

For detailed information on the Luis Posada Carriles case see: http://en.cubadebate.cu/category/series/el-paso-diary/

One thought on “Terrorist Fence Buster Posada Acquitted

  • Posada Carriles acquittal is as much a miscarriage of justice as was the conviction of Tom Robinson in “To Kill a Mockingbird” (based on an acutual case where Harper Lee’s father had tried to defend a falsely-accused black man in 1919 Alabama). Then again, INjustice, rather than justice, has almost always been typical of our legal system.
    Is it just my immagination, or in his foto does Posada Carriles’s look like an example of the “Picture of Dorian Grey?” “The evil that men do (oft live after them,” ) but just as oft can be seen reflected in their faces. Posada Carriles seems like some sort of malevolent Howdy Doody–or perhaps a “Chuckie Doll,” (a.k.a “El Muneco del Diablo,” in the Spanish language version of those campy films)!

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