Cynthia Thomas heads the delegation.
Cynthia Thomas heads the delegation.

HAVANA TIMES – A Texas business group traveled to Havana on Sunday, interested in exploring the Cuban market for their products, reported the Dallas Morning News.

Among the Texas industries represented are agricultural enterprises, airlines, oil, technology and tourism, said the delegation leader Cynthia Thomas, president of the consulting firm Tri Dimension Strategies, based in Dallas.

“We see the light at the end of the tunnel but do not know how long is the tunnel,” said Dwight Roberts, president and CEO of the US Rice Producers Association.

In 2008 a delegation led by the Texas state agriculture commissioner at that time made a similar 4-day agricultural trade mission to the island. At the time Texas businesses were selling about $ 25 million annually to Cuba in agricultural products.

16 thoughts on “Texan Entrepreneurs Come to Cuba

  • I didn’t say that Dan. As Griffin do ably explained above, modern agricultural methods allow sufficient food to be produced to feed significant portions of the world. Organic farming by its very nature does not allow for this. I myself enjoy shopping at the local farmers market. The tast and quality of the food is superior to what I can find at the local supermarket. But the production of these organic farms are limited in scale. They only produce so much.

    Meanwhile, Cubans would give anything to be able to walk into ANY American supermarket to buy what we offer.

    So, how exactly am I wrong Dan?

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