Texas Enacts Near Total Ban on Abortions

the most draconian Anti-Choice Law in the country

By Democracy Now

HAVANA TIMES – In Texas, a near total ban on abortions went into effect today at midnight after the U.S. Supreme Court failed to rule on an emergency petition filed by abortion providers seeking to block the measure. The law bars abortions just six weeks into a pregnancy — before many people even know they’re pregnant. There is no exception for rape or incest.

The law also allows anyone in Texas to sue patients, medical workers, or even a patient’s family or friends who “aid and abet” an abortion. Until now, no other six-week abortion ban has been allowed to go into effect. Reproductive justice advocates have vowed to keep fighting. The American Civil Liberties Union tweeted, “This is a racial and economic catastrophe. … This is a full-scale assault on patients, our health care providers, and our support systems.”

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  • For lower income teen girls this very bad. I drive truck and and live the homeless when not working. Many teen girls without papers often have a short term sugar daddy for support or live on the street or exploits of men.

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