The King of Morocco is in Cuba, Takes Over Old Havana Hotel

The Saratoga Hotel currently occupied by the king of Morroco, part of his royal family, guests and security. File Photo: Elio Delgado Valdes

HAVANA TIMES —The king of Morocco, Mohammed VI, is vacationing in Cuba with his family and entourage.  For their comfort he rented the entire 96-room Saratoga Hotel in Old Havana for 10 nights, reports El Mundo.

Cuba and Morocco do not have diplomatic relations, but instead a historic enmity, existing from Cuba’s support for the Polisario Front in its decades long fight for self-determination of the Western Sahara, which Morocco opposes.

News of the visit circulates in the foreign press but has passed practically unnoticed in the official Cuban media.  Nonetheless extra security is evident with some streets partially blocked off near the hotel.

Hotel sources told El Mundo that the royal family reserved the entire 8-story hotel although it is only occupying three floors. The royal guests also plan to visit the pristine Santa Maria Cay about 185 miles east of the capital.

6 thoughts on “The King of Morocco is in Cuba, Takes Over Old Havana Hotel

  • They are not enemies you idiot, are they at war or something?

  • Fake news. The King would never visit an enemy state, and the opening of the parliament session is tomorrow.

  • Esperemos que las relaciones entre Marruecos y Cuba se mejoran.
    Hoy hay esperenza con el nuevo presidente de Cuba.
    Viva Marruecos.

  • en bref… c’est le roi prédateur


  • As least Susan Rice and her Secret Service handlers only took over one floor of the Mammoth Hot Springs Hotel, in Yellowstone National Park, when, shortly after i retired, I was working at the hotel’s front desk back in 2009. Those who had previously reserved rooms, like the recent United Airlines passenger who was unceremoniously carried off the flight, had their reservations cancelled. Ditto those who had reserved an excursion on one of the 1930’s open red busses. They, too, were bumped to make way for her exclusive use of the rustic vehicle. Ahh, the arrogance of power, and wealth! Hence, I had no doubts when i heard that during the Summer of 2016 she had ordered the C.I.A./N.S.A. or whatever to reveal the name of the American citizen who had been chatting with the Russians. What are the guarantees of the Bill of Rights and the the U.S. Constitution to such folks?!

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