The New Internet Gift Service to Cubans: Frequently Asked Questions

By Progreso Semanal

Photo: Carlos Melián Moreno

HAVANA TIMES — The Havana Times article dealing with the new Internet gift credit service that Nauta began offering yesterday, October 6, has prompted a number of questions and requests for clarification from readers.

ETECSA, Cuba’s sole phone services provider, has replied to the most frequent queries posed by readers. Below are its answers and clarifications.

Important Clarifications

The amount to be deposited abroad must be equivalent to the fee in CUC specified at

Any complaints must be addressed directly to the service provider, or at, which is the service provider that deals directly with the customer.

Before purchasing credit for users in Cuba, customers should confirm their permanent NAUTA account details, including the domain ([email protected] or [email protected], as applicable). The transaction is irreversible and there are no refunds for customer errors.

In response to common questions, ETECSA replies as follows:

1 How does this new way of purchasing credit work?

Credit for permanent NAUTA accounts can now be purchased from abroad through The customer must purchase a minimum of 10 CUC of credit, making sure they have the correct user and domain details ([email protected] or [email protected]). Please be advised that the transaction is irreversible and there are no refunds for customer errors.

2 Are there credit purchase limits?

A minimum purchase of 10 CUC is established. The top limit may depend on the conditions established by the provider through which the service is offered.

3 Who may benefit from this service?

Users who hold permanent NAUTA accounts.

4 What are permanent accounts?

Permanent accounts are those that offer:

Internet browsing and international email services ([email protected])

National Intranet browsing and international email services ([email protected]­)

5 Can this service be accessed in Cuba?

The service can be accessed through the vendor’s page (, using international credit or debit cards, as applicable.

6 What websites offer this service?

Currently, only You may access this page through ETECSA’s web site (, on the main page where it says credit purchases (sitios de recarga).

7 How is credit for permanent NAUTA accounts purchased?

You may purchase credit for a permanent account at an ETECSA office, by making a minimum direct credit purchase of 0.50 CUC, or purchase a pre-paid NAUTA card and add credit to the account through the NAUTA user portal.

Now, credit for your permanent NAUTA account can also be purchased through, which sets a minimum purchase of 10 CUC. This site can also be accessed through the ETECSA website (

8 How does a user in Cuba know that credit for their account has been purchased?

Through a notification made by the relative or friend who purchased the credit abroad.

You can consult your balance at the NAUTA user portal (http://­

Users in Cuba can also call 118 (ETECSA’s Commercial Information Line).

9 Does credit purchased abroad extend the validity of the account?

Yes. As of the date that credit for your account is purchased abroad, you will have 330 active account days and 30 additional days to purchase new credit.

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  • > Are there credit purchase limits?

    I asked if there was an upper limit to the amount of time someone could purchase, and they told me that that was up to ETECSA. I sent an email to ETECSA customer service ([email protected]) asking if there is an upper limit, but they have not replied. Does anyone know if there is an upper limit?

  • Can the portal ( be accessed from abroad? I tried in every way, but I could not reach it so far.

    Thank you!

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