Today’s Catch, Lake St. Clair, Canada – Photo of the Day

Today’s Catch, Lake St. Clair, Ontario, Canada.  By Bill Lally (Canada).  Camera: iPhone XR


How you can participate in the Photo of the Day

HAVANA TIMES – You don’t have to be a professional photographer, just send a picture (in black and white or color), that you consider with quality to be published. Indicate where it was taken (city and country), type of camera or cell phone you used and a short description of it.

For our format it is better that the photos are of horizontal orientation, since we have problems with verticals when they are on the cover.

Send us your name and country of residence to this email address: [email protected]

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4 thoughts on “Today’s Catch, Lake St. Clair, Canada – Photo of the Day

  • Gareth thinks he is the Editor of Havana Times. We need to know about all countries in the world, not just Hong Kong. Havana Times is doing a great job as far as I’m concerned.
    Gran trabajo la Havana Times!

  • Looks like Gareth is jealous of the fellow that caught the big fish!
    Gareth blasts the cool journalists from Havana Times for posting pictures from other countries. He then turns around and tries to hi-jack the article himself, and says that Havana Times should post about the protests in Hong Kong.
    Keep doing the great work Havana Times, I enjoy reading your articles.

  • Gareth, we have definitely expanded our coverage to include Nicaragua in a big way and more about other Latin American countries as well. Nonetheless every day we publish several articles from or on Cuba. And our entire diary section is from Cuba. Likewise, as I told you before, our Photo of the Day is open to our readers. If you go on the menu where it says photos and drop down to photo of the day you will see that probably 80 percent+ of the photos are of Cuba. Feel free to submit some of your wonderful Cuba pictures. Also if you want to write from Hong Kong I’d be very interested in reading and possibly publishing your first-hand accounts.

  • What has a fish caught in Ontario, Canada got to do with Havana and Cuba? Seems like you guys are losing the plot! I have HUNDREDS of wonderful pictures taken in Cuba. The country has amazing images at every turn! Please keep it local.
    And on a similar subject, there is a paucity of Cuba news these days. I suggest very few people care that much about Nicaragua and other countries. We’re tuning in to Havana Times for articles on Cuba!
    You are becoming. powder puff journalism!
    I am currently in Hong Kong. SURELY there are MANY in Cuba that are VERY INTERESTED in the protests here. Hundreds of thousands of people, mobilised by social media voicing their concerns and fears of being taken over by an authoritarian communist government. Sounds familiar? I cannot imagine that NO ONE is listening in Cuba. Can they watch on the evening news? I strongly doubt it!
    Censorship is alive and well in Cuba and I suspect at the Havana Times.
    If you choose not to publish this letter (ie.censoring) I would appreciate at least a letter from your editors acknowledging receipt of it and if at all possible your response.
    I have been reading Havana Times for many years and am a frequent visitor to your magical island.
    Thank you for your time. Gareth Butler

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