Top Cuban Baseball Umpire Quits

Cesar Valdes quits umpiring at 47.
Cesar Valdes quits umpiring at 47.

HAVANA TIMES – César Valdés, one of Cuba’s top umpires announced his retirement on Thursday at the age of 47, reported Cubadebate.

“It’s been 22 years out of the house and away from family, struggling to do my work with rigor and quality. And now that I have to endure to be told that the poor umpiring decided the (2012-2013) league championship,” said the umpire both disappointmented and angry, said the news item.

“The umpiring was poor in the playoffs, but there are many other things that aren’t talked about and are doing damage to our baseball”. He noted that Cuban sports lack “consistency in the work, and attention to athletes, coaches and umpires.”

The umpire said he will not reconsider his decision, retiring at such a young age after participating in a World Baseball Classic, two Olympics and five World Cups.