TS Ernesto Could Visit Cancun

TS Ernesto. Friday August 3, 11 am EDT from the National Hurricane Center.

HAVANA TIMES — Tropical Strorm Ernesto has entered the Caribbean and continues to move swiftly to the west.

The lastest projection cone from the National Hurricane Center (NHC) in Miami, sees a possible landing in the Mexican Yucatan Peninsula by the middle of next week and with hurricane strength.

The storm presently has 45 mph winds and is moving at 24 mph on a westerly track. It’s minimum pressure was pegged at 1004 millibars by the Cuban Weather Service (INSMET).

The forecasters at the NHC see Ernesto moving far south of Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, Haiti and most of Cuba on route to the Yucatan. While not in the forecasted path of the eye of the storm at this time, Jamaica isn’t far off and could receive some direct effects.

The projection also shows the possibility of heavy rains and winds on the far western tip of Cuba.