UN Condemns US Embargo on Cuba by 191-0 Vote

The United States abstains for the first time in 25 years.

Voting in the UN General Assembly on October 26, 2016.
Voting in the UN General Assembly on October 26, 2016.

HAVANA TIMES – For the first time in 25 years, the United States abstained today in a vote of the General Assembly UN urging Washington to end its half century US embargo on Cuba.

The resolution was approved with 191 votes in favor, none opposed and two abstentions, the US and Israel, the only two countries which last year voted against.

The vote does not contain or imply any specific action or sanctions.

Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez said at the UN headquarters that the new US approach is “a positive sign” but noted that “the truth is that the blockade persists and marks the current Cuban reality.”

The Obama administration position contrasts with that of the majority Republican Party in Congress, whose leadership promises to maintain the embargo.

11 thoughts on “UN Condemns US Embargo on Cuba by 191-0 Vote

  • If it were up to me, there would be free and independent elections in Cuba made possible because of the freedom of speech and assembly. The Castros would be exiled to Venezuela and Cohiba Espléndidos would cost $2 maybe $3 a cigar in 7-11.

  • U.S. government facilitated policies of extortion, manipulation, covert action, and economic starvation will get you nowhere in Cuba. I would have thought that you had learned that by now. Moses, you can continue to hold onto that same old tired ultimatum if you choose… a lot of good it will do you. The rest of us already know how wonderful that extortion policy has played out to the benefit of the Cuban people for more than half a century. And if it were up to you, you would still want to continue adding more insult to injury for the Cuban people, and to the tarnished reputation of the USA around the world. You’re completely delusional and out of touch with reality because your arrogance is all you have left.

  • This would be the same hypocritical UN which just elected Cuba, China, Egypt & Saudi Arabia to the UN Human Rights Commission. These states are among the worst abusers of human rights in the world. The UN is a talking shop for corrupt diplomats, dictators and thugs. The UN has made a mockery of itself.

  • Better that we not discuss who and what needs to grow. The US Embargo against Cuba is likely to end in the next few years. But it should be lifted only after the Castros or their successor has taken verifiable steps toward a more democratic and free Cuba.

  • Is this the same United Nations that awarded another murderous dictator, Muammar Gadhafi, its Human Rights Award?

  • “….is more concerned about his legacy than he is for the well-being of the Cuban people.”

    Totally bass-ackwards, in my opinion… and obviously in the opinion of the rest of the world too… including that of your own government. Moses, when will you grow a pair and publically admit that the economic embargo hurts nobody other than the common people of Cuba. The 191-0 UN resolution vote that includes the U.S. and Israeli abstentions is hardly a toothless tiger… it is clearly meant to send a message to congress… and to other dinosaurs like you too.

  • Before we get all gooey about this toothless tiger of a vote, let’s remember that the original leadership in Cuba whose bad decisions triggered the imposition of the embargo in the first place are still in power and still making the same bonehead choices for the Cuban people. That Castros should count their lucky stars that Obama ( I voted for him twice) is more concerned about his legacy than he is for the well-being of the Cuban people.

  • I’m not an Obama fan, but I’m with you on this issue. If I had to pick the top Obama accomplishment, hands down, it would Cuba. It is too bad that the politician keep playing tug-o-war with the Cuba issues. I hope the embargo is lifted and put away for good, so we can all visit this great Island without having to go through all the existing hassles.

  • If Obama ran for president, which unfortunately cannot, I’d vote for him. I’m also what many would call a conservative so not many of us would print that. Cuba is close to me, family now related, and would love to see reconciliation in my lifetime. The embargo is wrong and should be lifted immediately. I am not a fan of the present system but also know I’m not Cuban so my voice is small. Many on the island, for whatever reason, are proud to be Cuban and they’ve put up with this sorry, insane mess, for over five decades so let them figure it out. The internet expansion will open eyes so the decision should be theres. Glad that I, a US citizen can finally feel proud what Obama has done.

  • A great day for humanity and for peace. May both courageous step taken by President Barack Obama today and on December 2014, be recorded as the beginning of the end, of this infamous, tarnishing and demoralizing piece of American history come to an end.

    With three months left in office and having placed his political stature on the line, having risked extremists and suffered death threats, on behalf of the victims in Cuba and that of all peace-loving people in the world, we Thank You Mr. President!

    With rightful or not criticism of the Obama administration, what is unquestionable, that he has done more for improved relations with Cuba than all Presidents who preceded him in the White House.
    The embargo/blockade has begun to sink and you Mr. President can bore more and larger holes in it, so that it can sink to the bottom of the ocean without fame, glory or tears.

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