UN Condemns US Expulsion of Asylum Seekers to Mexico

By Democracy Now

HAVANA TIMES – The U.N. Refugee Agency has condemned the ongoing U.S. policy of expelling Central American asylum seekers to southern Mexico, where they face significant dangers. The Biden administration has continued to carry out the Trump-era policy, which cites the pandemic as justification for the expulsions.

Mexican authorities, meanwhile, have removed hundreds of these asylum seekers, dropping them into a remote part of Guatemala with no resources or any way to return to their countries of origin. This is Gerson Flores, a Honduran asylum seeker who was turned around at the U.S. border.

Gerson Flores: “This is really sad. We weren’t asked for any explanations. The Americans said nothing. We wanted President Biden to grant us a legal opportunity to stay in the United States, no matter how we get in, even if they put us in shackles. I have decided I want to support my family.”

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