UN Envoy Calls for Probe After Video Captures Israeli Soldier Killing Palestinian Man

By Democracy Now

HAVANA TIMES – In the occupied West Bank, a 22-year-old Palestinian man was shot dead by Israeli forces near the city of Bethlehem earlier today in the latest killing to come from near-daily raids on Palestinian communities. Six other Palestinians were injured during the Monday morning assault on the Dheisheh refugee camp.

This follows the killing on Friday of a Palestinian man by an Israeli soldier, who’s been accused of carrying out a summary execution. Video of the incident in a town south of Nablus shows the soldier holding 23-year-old Ammar Mufleh in a headlock. Mufleh then breaks free of the chokehold, and after a scuffle, the soldier pulls out a pistol and fires it repeatedly at the young Palestinian man. The killing has sparked widespread protests. The U.N.’s Middle East envoy said he was “horrified” by the killing, and added, “Such incidents must be fully and promptly investigated, and those responsible held accountable.”

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